a mobius strip

Writing as a kind of reading. Reading as a kind of writing. EIGHTS is an annual journal that publishes contemporary and historic examples of conceptual art, conceptual writing, concrete poetry, and writing coming out of an art practice. It is a hybrid exhibition space on the page where the works are conceived of as readings or as writings, so concrete poems share space with conceptual writing, text works and writings by artists (especially dealing with functions of language, but also as readings of), and visual works which may be readings but are image and object, not text. EIGHTS takes note of the contemporary moment in which the practices of experimental artists and poets converge at the word. As more artists engage writing as an art practice, so more poets treat words in a more object-like fashion. And EIGHTS is also eager to dig into the archive, to unearth antecedents. Our organizing principle is this: EIGHTS looks at the works printed in these pages as readings of one kind or another, exploring the outer reaches of what language and its various containers can do.